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Shanade McAllister Fisher was born with a passion for design. As the daughter of a successful property developer, she experienced first-hand countless high-end residential projects from an early age.

With a desire to master, engage and innovate the world of interiors, she studied at the renowned KLC School of Design in Chelsea, London. Following her graduation and a number of successful appointments within the industry, Shanade set about building her very own award-winning design studio based in West London.

Her contemporary style is undeniably unique and is always loaded with a cohesive mix of colour, pattern and texture. Shanade’s design inspiration often comes from her appreciation of art, be that prints, paintings or sculptures, she adores connecting with the work of her fellow creatives.

Over time Shanade has carefully established and nurtured a number of exclusive relationships with the very best suppliers, artisans and craftsmen, resulting in projects that excel in quality, finish, individuality and attention to detail.

At her core, Shanade simply loves the way interiors dictate the mood and atmosphere of any given space. She delights in constructing projects that reflect her client's wide range of personalities and lifestyles whilst always aiming to produce provocative and exciting points of discussion.